A Week in The Mirror

July 25, 2008 at 10:13 am | Posted in Faded Mirror | 7 Comments

Well, The Faded Mirror went live about a week ago, and since then, I’ve had over two hundred visits from 179 unique visitors all over the world.  So far, of the ten posts I’ve published, “Don’t Color Me ANYTHING” is by far the most popular, with 196 total hits, thanks entirely to my wife’s posting of the link in her Feingold forum.

Here is a jpeg of the Location Map.  I’d put in an interactive map, but WordPress doesn’t allow Javascript.  😦

Locations of Hits to Faded Mirror

Locations of Hits to Faded Mirror


# Country Visits %
1 United States 153 69%
2 Unknown 8 4%
3 Singapore 7 3%
4 Canada 6 3%
5 Australia 5 2%
6 United Kingdom 5 2%
7 Spain 4 2%
8 Korea 3 1%
9 Philippines 3 1%
10 Indonesia 3 1%
11 Brazil 2 <1%
12 Portugal 2 <1%
13 Greece 2 <1%
14 India 2 <1%
15 Italy 2 <1%
16 Cambodia 1 <1%
17 Mexico 1 <1%
18 Bahamas 1 <1%
19 Malaysia 1 <1%
20 Netherlands 1 <1%

(stats courtesy of W3Counter)

Since I know that only about five people read this blog on a regular basis, how about a quick “shout out”?  Please leave me a comment below telling me a bit about who you are and what you would want to read about.  I have about five more posts that I’m working on in various forms of draft status — what else would you like to see?

And, if you have any idea why we are so popular in Singapore, I’d like to know that as well….



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  1. I started reading after you visited my blog. The post “Don’t Color Me ANYTHING” was really great and started me thinking seriously about it. Thanks!

  2. Thank you very much! I’ve been enjoying your blog as well.

    I’m really surprised that the post generated as much traffic as it did. I just hope that it has made a difference in someone’s life. Maybe I’ll follow up with some more food/health-related posts? I’m a bit unqualified — maybe I can get my genius wife to co-write them.

  3. If your wife is such a bloomin’ genius, why doesn’t she get that many hits in one day on her blog?! And I, too, would really like to know who your admirers are in Singapore! (not that I’m jealous or anything…Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy….)

  4. Well, I check your blog every time I see that you’ve posted something new. And I enjoy it, too.

    Mairs, I do the same with yours, and if course it links to your other…It’s just that you haven’t been posting as regularly. (Can’t IMAGINE why, as you onkly have 10 children, plus, to care for, including a newborn…)


  5. I really enjoy the subject variety of the posts. I do not know about singapor but I sent my dad in New Zealand link to the post “Don’t color me anything” and he liked it.

  6. Hey, thanks! As I think I’ve stated elsewhere, I’ve always wanted to live in New Zealand — even before it was cool.

  7. […] weblog occasionally, welcome to the one-year anniversary of The Faded Mirror.  Yes, it was about one year ago that I started tossing random thoughts and web links to the general public.  There have been some […]

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