Can Someone Help Me Out?

September 8, 2008 at 12:39 pm | Posted in Arts, Off the Wall, Technology, Workplace | 6 Comments

I’ve been using Microsoft products for a long time.  In college, I used PCs instead of Macs.  My first computer (after my beloved Amiga 2000) ran Windows.  The project I have spent the past decade working on relies entirely on a number of versions of Visual Studio and SQL Server.  People even call me on the phone to help fix their computers.

But I still can’t make head nor tails of this.

Can someone help me out?  Please?



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  1. What specifically can’t you make head nor tail of? Microsoft, Windows or Vista, or the graphics on the link?

  2. Hmmm. Microsoft’s arcane Web presence may have curtailed your viewing pleasure. So, I dredged up a YouTube link just for you….

    ??? I just don’t get it. ???

  3. Well it is funny, offbeat and features Seinfeld. Really, it doesn’t need to make sense to attract eyeballs.

  4. It’s not just attracting eyeballs.


  5. I am not sure it it is or isn’t. The link doesn’t provide info on that, just a critical review of the ad.

    As they said in real estate not too long ago: “you can’t look at the numbers, it’s all about getting into the market.”

  6. Teehee You guys used the word eyeballs…that’s one of my favorites!

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