We’ve All Got Cell Phones, revisited

May 28, 2009 at 12:46 pm | Posted in Technology | 3 Comments

Almost a year ago, I posted on the transformative nature of cell phone technology. Now, you are reading my first post written on a cell phone. Yes, I am currently typing this on my new Samsung Alias 2 which Verizon gave me for free when I updated our plan to include unlimited text and Web.

It’s amazing to see how much information is already “mobilized” for the limited display capabilities of this fairly capable portable information station. And, for those websites not already mobile friendly, Google offers a “mobilizer” that renders standard web pages in a more mobile palatible format.

Sorry, no links or pictures — I haven’t figured an easy way to add them yet. But, this new method may give me another chance to jot thoughts as I have the odd free moment during the day — if I’m not idly browsing Wikipedia, that is….



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  1. I’m sure there must be a way to leave comments via the new cell phone…maybe I’ll figure that out in the next century.

  2. How did we ever live w/o them?


    But beware contracts!
    I dumped my AT&T phone and got out of my cellphone contract when the company changed its terms. (Did you know that if they do that, it voids the contract? They don’t tell you that, but I saw it on the Consumerist site and it worked! No termination fee too. Haha.)

    Anyway, I got a prepaid Net10 phone and everything is 10 cents a minute… even International calls which is great since my son is traveling right now.

    But the best thing about this is that there aren’t any bills and I know what my costs are because I pay upfront for my calls. It’s great!

  3. Love my Net10 phone! It may not be the fanciest or have all the bling but I pay less and make more calls than anyone I know, I never get any bills either! Ha!

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