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There have been all sorts of ideas, most unworkable, about how to get the country’s economy back on its feet.  This is probably the best I’ve seen.  Get your money out of the global economy and invest it locally.

Disclaimer:  I have had my money in my local credit union ever since I was ten years old or so.  I recently closed my BB&T account and strictly work through my local credit union, except for my mortgage.

And, being that I’m a sucker for George Bailey, I ask that you sit back and watch this:

Coming Soon….

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There’s so much bad news on the upcoming decade that I can’t even get myself to blog about it.  It seems to me that the US of A is quickly headed towards one of those “Lost Decades” that we smugly assumed could never happen here.  But unless a gamechanger arises quickly to redistribute economic power in the world, there doesn’t seem to be much hope of escaping it.

So, I’m holding onto 3D printing as one of the possible gamechangers.  I really don’t think people appreciate how much DIY manufacturing would affect our pipelined economy.  And to really put a futuristic spin on it, check this out.

[photo of cool 3D medical printer goes here when I can get WordPress to insert it]

Nifty, huh?  Think of the possibilities:  theoretically, any human organ could be manufactured and microsurgically attached with no fear of rejection.  Bones, joints, blood vessels — maybe even entire limbs could one day be replaced!  There’s a gamechanger for you….

And act now, and you can have your own (non-medical) 3D printer for under ten thousand dollars….

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